The 2011 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic – Wowww!

I wanted to tell you all about an AMAZING event on an equally as amazing and beautiful day that I attended and absolutely LOOOVED.  It’s called the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic ( held in Pacific Palisades.  It’s like the Kentucky Derby, equally as refined and fashionable, but more relaxed.  You’ve got the hats, fashion… and I was impressed with how the guys stepped it up and really brought it!  

Will Rogers State Historic Park, where the match takes place is beyond beautiful!  I was very happy to be surrounded by so much greenery!  I was feeling very much at home.

 The first match I’ve ever attended was in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 and right on the beach.  (Not sand polo or anything like that, just right by the beach. We could see the water.)  That was an amazing (and blissfully fashionable) event, as was this one AND they served these amazing passion fruit martinis with some sort of frothy top on them that I’ve not stopped thinking about since 2006.   Anyway…………..

Vueve Cliquot ***Cheers!

At this event though, it was Veuve Cliquot champaign that was flowing freely as this is their event.   That’s good stuff as well!   A friend who lives out here and had attended before called me to see if I was interested.  Being a KY girl, the combination of horses, fashion, champaign, a beautiful day and beautiful people dressed to the nines was RIGHT up my alley!

As we arrived, it was fun to watch the sea of people walking toward the area where you are shuttled to the actual grounds.   “Ooh look at that dress!” and “OOHHH I LOOOVE that one!”… and ladies… no shortage of super dapper gentlemen in seersucker suits and just otherwise bringing their A game.  This kind of thing is so fun!


Super cute

One surprise I was really really happy about…?   You know that gorgeous Argentine model for Ralph Lauren Black Label?  His name is Nacho Figueras.   GOR-geous…. and apparently a pretty darn good polo player too.  He’s captain of the Black Watch team who competed against the Veuve Cliquot team. 

Nacho Figueras... whew, mercy! (fanning myself)

In an interview found on the event’s website, Nacho says “To me, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is the revival of what polo used to be in the 20s and 30s; the real history and glamour of polo in Los Angeles.”  That it was!   I was loving the glamour and the fact that so many really got into it and some even dressed in 20’s and 30’s style attire..  especially some of the men in suspenders, caps and bow ties.  Too cute!

Playing badmitton in bow ties? Really? Kinda loved it.

I want this to be me one day. Super chic mama with her super cute, decked out little one at the event. 🙂

I will definitely be attending next year!!!



I don’t know what I was thinking but I completely forgot to include some other photos from the day.   Enjoy….

Match in progressScoreboard


Actress Zoe Saldana came to watch. (Just watched her in the movie "Columbiana" which was really good.)The Hills' Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth attended

Actress Jamie King (Currently plays Lemon Breeland on The CW's "Hart of Dixie".. love that show!)

Actress Sanaa Lathan (of "Love & Basketball", "Alien vs Predator", "Something New" and more.)


Enjoying the day


Great music set the tone for the beautiful day and beautiful people.


Stomping the divots at halftime (just like in the movie Pretty Woman.) Found this lil bit for ya online... " Divot stomping is a long standing tradition at half-time. Spectators wander all over the field stomping down the torn up turf. It's fun and you can meet great people just wandering the field. Even at high goal tournaments the players often walk divots to keep limber at the half, and often they take breaks or change ponies close to the stands."


More divot stomping


Up close and personal with an actual divot.


At the end of the match, the players ride their horses past the spectators to say hello and give high fives... pretty cool, and the horses (and some of the players) are beautiful.


Yes! Got a shot of Nacho as he rode off into the sunset! It was a tough decision to make in a spit second, as to whether I wanted to take the picture or shake is hand more... truly 50/50. 😉


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3 Responses to “The 2011 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic – Wowww!”

  1. looks like fun!!! and nice “scenary”

  2. Good luck in Los Angeles.

  3. Good Luck in LA

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