2 free checked bags and Zebras In Public … woop woop, cuz Belle needs her boots!

First let me say “I’m sooorry” I haven’t posted in awhile.  Bad bad bad bloggette!   I’ve been having issues with uploading photos and video that I wanted to include in my posts, from my Android to my laptop.  (Booo!  I’m increasingly unimpressed with the Droid.)   Luckily, I’ve been carrying a regular camera around as well so I still have a few things to show you.  😉
So I took a trip home to KY a few weeks ago which was sooo fun!  I didn’t expect to head back so soon after my move however… my brother’s Cincinnati/Northern KY based band Zebras In Public (www.zebrasinpublic.net) was booked to play Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville.  This was goin’ down the same week as his birthday and my mom’s birthday so … I just couldn’t not be there.    I’m so proud of these guys… they’re so passionate about their music and work so hard.   It’s hard to describe their sound, but I will call it “Rock & Soul.”  Imagine John Legend singing in a rock band.  That’s sort of what they sound like.  They’re really good and I see them rockin’ the big stages one day soon, but THIS was a big deal..  and they did not disappoint !  Louisville loved ’em!

Zebras In Public (www.zebrasinpublic.net)

My lil bro in action. Rockin' out.. Ha!

So proud of Justin and the band.

Another sidebar reason to head home, was because after some quick math… I realized that Southwest Airline’s 2 free checked bags policy was a no brainer for me to get my boots, sweaters and sweatshirts out here instead of having my mom ship the remaining boxes I had taped up and ready to go from her house.  Saved a chunk of money that way.  The airfare was the same amount that it would’ve cost me to ship the rest of the boxes so I basically got to bring the stuff back with me for free.   Girl’s gotta have her boots out here! ..especially so close to the beach!  I knew that it was cooler in the beach towns, especially at night… I know that, I get that…  but I had NO idea how cold it could actually get!  I was digging boots out of the tombs that I’d put them in just before I moved, thinking that I’d never need them in CA.   The big heavy ones… and this is good because I was a little sad when I thought I’d have no use for my big lace up Uggs out here, or my hairy (not furry, but hairy.. I brush them) black super cozy boots.   So yayyy!

Never ever would've thought I'd want my "monster Uggs" in Cali, however when running errands at night in Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo beaches... these are right on time. I just don't need the trapper hat that I wore with them back in KY.


Seriously cozy... Must be brushed after wearing.

So there were several things on my itinerary this trip, some were events involving “getting ready, fluffing, “what am I wearing”, etc and others were completely chill nights in pyjamas, like hanging at my girl Taunya’s house for vino, noshing, yacking and television …and of course laughing at and with her hilarious three daughters.   It was a Thursday night so my show “Vampire Diaries” was on… perrrFECT.   And look what I found on my way to her house… again, perrrFECT!  😉

What else are you going to wash down cake pops with when watching Vampire Diaries?


It was perfect timing and perfect Fall weather for my trip because I was able to catch the St. James Art Fair!  For those who are not familiar, the St. James Art Fair (http://www.stjamescourtartshow.com/) held in Louisville, KY each year during the first week of October, it is an outdoor arts and crafts show nestled in the beautiful Old Louisville neighborhood (between the University of Louisville campus and downtown Louisville.)  It’s always a lot of fun and I love the history and architecture characteristic of this neighborhood.    St. James Court, which is the center of the activity, is so awesome.   Beautiful Victorian homes sit on a large court surrounding a beautiful fountain…   I just love it.

Me and my girl Taunya enjoying St. James and beautiful Fall weather


St. James Court fountain

Browsers at St. James

You always have to get the fountain shot

My friend John just moved into a beau-ti-ful condo overlooking St. James Court and had a great open house party throughout the course of the St. James weekend.

I mentioned the old, beautiful Victorian homes that are to be found in the Old Louisville neighborhood.  It’s one of the things about KY that I will miss seeing.  I snapped a few shots as we walked through the neighborhood on our way back to the car.

Old Louisville home


Love it.Another


Aren't they great?

I also had to hit UofL vs MARSHALL football

We lost (17-13)   :((     but it was AWESOME football weather and fraternizing!!!

I still love my Cards though

After I spent time in Louisville visiting with friends, I headed Northern KY to spend time with the family.  Sadly, this was the second leg of my trip and I’d forgotten my camera battery charger (which I need because this stupid Android doesn’t have a flash on the camera) so I couldn’t get any good photos during that time.  :((     It wouldn’t be right to leave them out of this post, so I’ll just add this photo from the ZIP show in Louisville (the fam had driven down to Louisville for that.) 😉

Mother, father, sister, brother

Have a fantastic week ahead everyone!

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