The LA Bizzle…? Yeahhh (Lol)

Jamie Foxx on the turntables

Snoop Dogg

Well, there are all kinds of things that I expect will be going on in my new LA life… and the key is balance.   There will be business… there will be social.  There will be laid back, suburbia/beach town life (it’s nice to lay my head down in a quiet area)… and there will be Hollywood (it’s fun to be close to the excitement too!)   My focus right now is business and trying to plant seeds and develop relationships, however… by nature I am a super social bug and so fun seems to find me every time. 

That said, I spent last week taking care of business… and then…. let me tell you about my impromtu Saturday night.  LOL.. 

I wound up going to a very big party at Jamie Foxx’s house (is that really how it’s spelled on his birth certificate I wonder?)  It was a fantastic party…. absolutely beautiful house and grounds, a glowing pool with the steam rolling off the top, you know.. the kind of thing you see in a P. Diddy video, food everywhere, open bar, a great deejay, and even a MARIACHI BAND??  Lol! .. but that’s not the best part (or what I hope turns out to be the best part anyway.)   At one point while Mr. Foxx is on the turntables (playing old school hip hop songs I hadn’t heard in forevvverr, it was great!), acting crazy and having a good time, then he’s shouts “Snoops in the house.”  (Believe it or not, there’s a business aspect to this Hollywood tale…it’s coming…)

Long story short, Mr. Broadus (that’s Snoop, aka Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop D-O-double-Geezy) is very gracious and allowed me to introduce myself in the midst of all the fandom that was happening around us.  Of course, I knew I had to talk quickly because the sea of people wanting his attention was not patient.  My goal was to blurt out as much as I could to tell him about the KENTUCKY DERBY, and invite him to that as well as the black tie event that my friends Tonya York Dees and Tammy York Day put on each year on Derby Eve.  (KY Derby is always the first Saturday in May.)

I said to Snoop “You MUST come to the KY Derby and the black tie event that I help out with!” and in his famous, sloooow, chilllll gangsta drawl, he says “Yeahhhh” and just kind of nods his head as if in deep thought.  Lol (I know what you’re thinking…  “That’s not deep thought Julie, that’s deep ganja… Mary Jane… or cataract meds.  I can’t speculate.. I didn’t see what this man was doing prior to my meeting him and I didn’t care.  I just want to get him to KY in May, 2012.) Then suddenly he blurts out “Bluegrassss” and I’m like “Yes!” and then he’s like “Sea Biscuit” and I cracked up and said “Yes! Yes! Who do I email to get you an invitation to all of this?” and he says “I’d rather give you a direct line to my manager”  JACKPOT!  or I hope it is.  So far his managers voice mailbox has been full full full, of course.  :-/    but I will keep trying.  I can’t believe Snoop’s not been to the Derby but I’m going to try my best to get him there!  He’ll thank me for it!

I would have a photo to show you of myself and the Dogg Father but my supposedly best of the best Android does not have a flash so it didn’t turn out.  >:(((  How can a “smart” phone even be made after 2010 that doesn’t have a flash on the camera??  That’s not going to work now that I’m a “blogette”  Lol..    I will have to invest in something else.

On a closing, random and completely unrelated note – I saw previews for the new series HEART OF DIXIE that will premier in November I believe.  I should watch this.  I’m curious to see how accurate their depiction of the South is… even if I come from a place that is often debated as to whether it’s the South or the Mid-West.   I will know any inaccuracies if I see them.  😉

Until next time…



~ by julieisabelle on September 28, 2011.

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