Beach Volleyball, Fashion, Wholefoods and Sushi…Mmm hmm

Cousin date night at Sashi in Manhattan Beach

Definitely looking forward to the Hermosa Beach Open this weekend!Cousin date night at Sashi in Manhattan Beach

Hello all,

I’m finding that I have a lot more to talk about than I have time to sit still at the computer and blog SO……… I’ve got to work on that.   I’m always on the go.  I wish I could just speak to the computer and the text appears on the screen.  My Android does it..why can’t my Dell?

Anyway I just got back in from a night out on the Manhattan Beach Pier with my cousin who grew up in this area.   To celebrate her upcoming birthday a little early, we went to a really great sushi restaurant called Sashi (  Great atmosphere, good food and good people watching, HOWEVER…. I almost lost my appetite due to a couple that was sitting (well laying horizontally for the most part) out on the patio and just going at it!   I’m not uptight but I’m just one of those people that can’t get into over the top PDA.  I don’t understand it.  Isn’t it BETTER and more enjoyable if you actually have your privacy?!  I think so.  I mean I’m okay with a peck, even a lingering one…. and affection but I don’t want to see your tongues and saliva when I’m eating sushi!  I’m not kidding, this guy was in her shirt (when she made eye contact with me she grabbed his head and pulled it out of her shirt and her boob was out.)   Other than that though, the place AND the rest of the crowd was great.  

Let’s see, where else have I been….  what have I been doing….

Well, it takes some time to get settled obviously, and to learn your way around.   I think I’ve found “my Target” that will be you know, my main/home base Target.   I have found the MOTHER of all Whole Foods in El Segundo.. Loove it!  It is huuuge and had a tapas bar with a bartender…. what!?!?  So happy they had my orange San Pelligrino water in a can.  I almost passed out when I visited a smaller one recently and they didn’t even carry it.  I could not believe that I could not get items at a Wholefoods in CA that I could get in KY.   I’m like “Wait a minute… and we’re sun to be backwards?”  They also did not carry my black bean and cheese burrito that I covet, or my almond stuffed olives.  It was my first meltdown in CA.  I was so upset.  My other cousin (birthday girl’s older sister) saw my distraught Facebook cry for sympathy and she reassured me that there was a larger, more legitimate Wholefoods nearby and this too shall pass. 

I auditioned and booked a commercial.. woo hoo!   My first “gig” in LA.   I auditioned for another one the other day but haven’t heard back yet.  I’ve met with two talent agents so far and they’ve both been wonderful.  I’ve been able to soak up all of their feedback and suggestions like a sponge and feel like I have constant homework to do based on the suggestions they’ve made.  This is good.  This is what I wanted… direction and instruction on how to best market myself to the networks out here.   It’s kind of funny… I’m working, not backwards but I like to call it “sideways”.  In Louisville, I started doing the job (television hosting) and learning on the job but never had to understand how to get the job in the first place…. because that was actually the easy part that sort of just “happened”.  Training for my new job in front of a live television audience for an hour, five days a week was the more challenging part.  I have to say though….. I was having a ball, and almost wondered if I could call that hour each day “work”.  Now the research and prep involved in making that hour look and sound great is where the work comes in.  It’s all about how much pride you take in your work and in your finished product.  

Tomorrow night I’m heading to a fashion show called FFFashion (Fur Free Fashion) which is actually featuring Lexington, KY designer Soreyda Benedit Begley among others.   She was kind enough to invite me so I will be there with a girlfriend and with bells on!

This weekend is the Hermosa Beach Open Professional Volleyball Tournament as well.  I’m really hoping to get out to this (it’s literally 5 minutes from me) because ahem… I was jogging today on the Strand, which is the paved area along the beach meant for runners, walkers, bikers, skateboarders, dog walkers, baby strollers, … you get the picture.  Anyway I was jogging and was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the players out on the sand hitting around and gearing up for the weekend.  Hello!  These guys are hot.t.t.

Alright guys, I am turning of the light and turning on the ceiling fan.   G’night… until next time.  😉



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2 Responses to “Beach Volleyball, Fashion, Wholefoods and Sushi…Mmm hmm”

  1. Julie,

    So glad to be able to keep up-to-date with your life in Cali. Talk to you soon!

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