Quick, half finished post… because I’m always running out the door!

Okay I’ve got to get this post out really quick because I’m on my way to check out a new church out here with a friend who moved from Louisville ten years ago.  She’s a doll, has been out here acting and modeling and I love her.  I’ll show you all a pic later.

Alright, well this may seem trivial to some but I’m sure that it will get a loud gasp from others.  I went out for Mexican and margaritas the other night with the fam (yep, I have 4 family members out here in Cali) to their favorite spot… Cantina on the Hermosa Beach pier.  I’ve been with them before and it’s great.

Tonight however, was the first time I asked for queso for the chips.   The Spanish speaking waiter looked at me like I was crazy and said “Cheese??”  LOL..  I was like “Umm yes please” and after making a couple more confused faces, he said ok.  So of course, I’m thinking “What was that all about?”    He comes back with a side dish piled with SHREDDED CHEESE!  Ten seconds before that, my uncle, aunt and cousin casually ask me “What was that you ordered Julie??” all sounding a little confused.  At this point I’m worried.  I’m thinking “Ohhh no.  Everyone seems confused.  I’m not gonna get my queso.  HOW can no one know what queso is!!!???”

To my Mid-Western and Southern friends, are you as appalled by this as I am/was???   They proceeded to tell me that “queso” … the kind I was looking for, you know, the glorious warm, melted, gooey spicy cheese, is not authentic Mexican fare.  I’m like “I don’t care….it’s GOOD!”  I felt so helpless and bewildered that I was out for Mexican and margaritas and NO one knew what I wanted…..  just some queso.  That’s all.  (sniff)   I got over it though because the margaritas were THE bommmb!  ;-D

Another little foodie moment that comes up all the time is when I say I’m from KY and grew up near Cincinnati, OH is that EVERYONE knows about Skyline Chili and they’re really interested in hearing about it.  Lol   It’s kinda cute.  I’ve been asked if I can cook from a teenage girl who thought that everyone in the “South” (we’ll have the whole discussion about whether KY is Southern or Mid-Western later) cooks like Paula Dean.  They haven’t brought up Krispy Kreme donuts yet but I think they have them out here now so it’s not so much of a curiosity.

Let’s see, what else has been going on — 

1. Everyone asks where my accent is.  I actually feel a little bad sometimes, like I burst their bubble, when I don’t have what they’re looking for.  ;-p   I explain that everyone in KY doesn’t have it… it’s a random mix, and that I grew up in Northern KY near Cincinnati so I sound more Mid-Western I guess.  They will hear it a little sometimes with the softened “i” sound like in “I” or when “my” comes out “mah” OR when I get really excited and “y’all” flies out.  They love that.  Lol    Many are shocked in general when I say that I’m from KY and say they thought I was a Cali girl.  It’s scary to imagine what they think I’m supposed to look, act, sound like.  I think some people have been watching a little too much Jerry Springer!  Something that I always want to do (and a big part of the reason I decided to do Southern Belles Louisville in 2009) is t0 keep knocking down that stereotype that everyone in KY, TN, GA, MS, AL is country bumpkin with no clue about what’s going on in the rest of the world, is uneducated, has no style, etc etc.  I think more people than not get that it’s a ridiculous stereotype, but the number of people that just have a little sense of superiority (not just in LA but other larger cities as well) alarms me and I’m not okay with it.  It’s annoying.  My thought is that if the very people who are a bit snobby about it, and are supposed to be so much more “sophisticated” because of where they live, were as worldly and cultured as they consider themselves to be… then they’d know that it’s just not true.   Sure, there aren’t AS many places to go on a Saturday night (but there are places, great ones) and there may not be certain department stores in one area, or restaurants in another (Louisville of course does not have that issue.  AWESOME restaurants in the Ville!) but this certainly doesn’t reflect on the quality, education, personality, style, drive, backbone and moxie of the people there.

2. Random but made me so MAD – my gas tank was on empty the other day because I was on a mission running a million errands and didn’t want to stop.  Finally, I had to and when I did, the gas pump had NO ATM slot!  I’m like “I’m in California…how is this possible!??” AND THEN they charged a 45c fee to run my card inside!  I don’t get that fee when I run my card to buy Vitamin Water and strawberry licorice, why am I getting it now.   Isn’t that odd??

What else what else…

Crap.. I can’t finish, I’ve GOT to get ready and get out of here but I feel like I jumped on this post and all I did was complain, haha.  DON’T get me wrong, those were just a few annoying things but I LOVE it out here!   

I’ll post again tonight about some cool things I’ve run into and places I’ve been.  There we go!

See ya!



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