Dirty Dancin’…er Soap.

Ok guys, it’s after 1am and I’m exhausted but as a new blogging belle, I’m not quite sure how often I’m supposed to update this thing.  Lol   Soo, I thought I’d leave some sort of tidbit before hitting the sack and then I’ll resume with all the other stuff I was going to tell you later.

Just a random little story that I haven’t even gotten on the phone to tell my friends back at home yet…

So you all have been seeing the previews for the new E! Channel reality series called Dirty Soap, right?  If not, check this out   http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/dirty_soap/index.html  It follows the personal lives of soap opera stars (at least a few of which I think were on a couple of the soaps that have been recently cancelled.)   The show premiers on Sept 25, just before the season premier of Kendra.

What does that have to do with me?  Well probably nothing, however I will crrrack up if I do show up, even for a second on whichever episode that they show actress Kelly Monaco (General Hospital, Dancing With The Stars Season 1 Winner) at a hip hop dance class at Equinox (awesome gym) in West Hollywood.  My friend Philip dragged me to this class the day that they were filming.  There were just about 15 people in the class and it was a lot of fun, however I was whining that while Philip went to this class regularly, I’D never been and didn’t know the routines or steps!  I was about to look like a fool!  He says “Oh you’ll pick it right up.”    …and he was right, I did.  haha   But really… it took me a few times doing it before I was really doing it.  I was ALL tickled because Robin Antin (choreographer to the stars and co-founder of The Pussycat Dolls burlesque troupe) was dancing in front of me and, you know how those rooms are mirrored on all sides?  Well, I could see myself, Robin and the whole group and I kept thinking “Look at meee, I’m doin’ it just like Robin!  Awww shoot!”  haha..   Yeah, I was having fun with that.  You know how the music’s up loud, and you’re feelin it, and you have your dance face on and whippin your hair back and forth?  No….?  Well I was..  Ha!    Now, I will say that I’m not silly enough to think that after practicing a routine for ten minutes that I’m Robin Antin good.   I’m suuurrre she was holding back.   She probably wasn’t even paying attention and was workin’ it anyway. 

I think I’ll keep going to the class… great workout and serious eye candy at Equinox!

Sleep tight dears! 

❤  Julie


~ by julieisabelle on September 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Dirty Dancin’…er Soap.”

  1. whoops I meant blog LOL

    • Lol Thanks Merika! I’m sure I’ll wind up leaving a “blob” at some point or another while “sleep blogging” ;-p

  2. Not bad for a 1am blob. 😉 lol

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